Meow :3

It happened, and now YOU get to find out! You are going to be an ace detective when I am done with you! Your job is to use these clues below to figure out your case. Apparently, they gave her something to forget everything in the last couple days…

It could be one or two involved…


These are our suspects and their motives to kidnap her.

1. Lucky Bob


Motive: Money, because have you seen his treasure chest? No? Well, it’s EMPTY!


2. Felicity Finkelstein


Motive: Playmate, because her dad is always trying to take over Fantage,and he’s too busy to play with her.

3. Corrupted Scientist Bot


Motive: Twisted experiments, like how long can a NPC be in sulfuric acid before they throw up?

4. Duchess Melinda


Motive: Elizabeth took her place as the Top Model in 2000

Yes, Elizabeth had a different job before selling houses

5. Evil Minty


Motive: Created by Finkelstein.

Scene of crime:


Duchess Melinda: I was in my apartment when I heard someone scream! It sounded like Elizabeth, so I reached for my baseball bat and opened the door. I saw two slimy slugs carrying off Elizabeth! I rushed after them, but the youth of today was too fast. I saw that one of the slugs dropped an item. It looked like a piece of wheat.

Dr. Kat: Hmm.. thank you Duchess. I already figured out one, now for the other…

Did you figure out the first one? Dr. Kat did!

Felicity Finkelstein: I was walking to school when I heard someone screaming. Then two big people rushed by me. I thought they were playing a game, so I followed them. They said something about my daddy and about a stupid wheel of misfortune. After that I went back to school.

Dr. Kat: Thanks, kid. Now can you find your daddy? I need to talk to him…

Finkelstein wasn’t a suspect, but Dr. Kat knows what she’s doing! 



Comments on: "Who kidnapped Elizabeth???" (1)

  1. Can you solve the mystery?

    PS: I got this idea from Math10000 on

    Oh, and I only used Felicity and Duchess because they were the only people I could think of at the time (sorry Lucky Bob)


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