Meow :3

What the?

Yesterday I saw something new on Fantage… Clubhouse? Aw man… seriously Fantage? Now I’m reminded of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse… At least the top 50 suggestions win 10,000 gold!


It looks like this when you click on the sign.


The entry forms are on a Google doc.


Woohoo, at least Fantage might listen to us this time! 🙂

Also, I noticed this:


Is the clubhouse going to replace Zack’s acting academy? Maybe… I don’t know.


Oh, it says brick… Um… what?



Brick set? Is this a Cody’s Crazy Combo’s set?

Is this a clue to what it is? Looks mysterious…

Oh, and I got 500 ecoins today plus MyMall permission. I’m stuck clicking the “Find a Kiosk” button…


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