Meow :3

Well. Another bored person.. So you’re bored. Katiekat1203 was bored too, to she made this page. Enjoy!

What to do:

1: Be bored forever and leave this page -_- If you do this: FINE.

2: Listen to your fav music

3: READ A STINKING BOOK!!!! (seriously, do! I suggest Molly Moon)

4: Make a new Fantage account, then troll people

5: Play Fantage

6: Edit some Fantage people

7: Watch a Fantage Animated Series (example: FAS unexpected or FAS deprived)

8: Eat chocolate

9: Write a Fan Fiction

10: Yell on Fantage: IM BORED WHAT DO I DO, cause I’m outta ideas. SHOO!


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