Meow :3

More about Me


Most likely you will see me as a member, but sometimes I’ll be a non.

My goal in Fantage is to have everything ecoined so I don’t have to be a member. (never gonna happen lol)

My favorite outfit is this:


I wish I had it though :/

As you might have guessed (ahem) I really, really, REALLY like cats.

I mean seriously. Who wouldn’t love this cutie?

Fantage has an NPC that has the same name as me in real life. (the NPC even looks like me!!!) O.O

I keep wondering if Fantage saw me sometime in real life and got an idea for the NPC?



Hey bro! Lets make a non player character and name it Jamie like that person!

K whatever. As long as we change it so she is prettier and has hip clothes and a hat.

K then!

Yeah… Nope.

On Fantage I will usually go to the Scarlet Starfish or whatever is in the bottom right corner.

Like the Scarlet Starfish is (usually)


That’s pretty much it about me, but here’s what I like outside Fantage:

Cats, of course!


Harry Potter 😀


My stuffed pink kitty


I can’t believe I actually found a picture of my favorite stuffed animal… (i searched but all i found was a different one named Milly:


Yes, I still have a favorite stuffie. Seriously, who doesn’t?

Oh, right. Those people out there with no childhood memories.

Not offending you I hope! ;-;

That’s all.




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